The Duke


I completed an assignment called Minimalist TV/Movie Poster worth 3.5 stars from the DS106 assignment bank. This week all the photo editing and designing I have completed with the help of Gimp.  I’m beginning to become more comfortable using photo editing software so I just decided to use Gimp for all of my projects this week to further that knowledge.  I created a new piece of work in Gimp, chose the size of the image to resemble a movie poster.  I colored the background a sandy shade to replicate the Old West or desert look.  Then I pasted an image of clothing a cowboy would wear back in the day and added a large text box above my image and used a font that I felt captured my idea.  I also added a small text box at the bottom to include the actor’s name to help anybody out who may not be familiar with the subject I was creating a movie poster about.  Overall this assignment was pretty straight forward and I looked through several others students submissions to make sure I was doing the assignment relatively close to the instructions.  John Wayne at this point may be getting far enough back in history that the younger generations may not recognize him or his work but in my mind he is still iconic in American History as far as acting goes.

Here is my movie poster:


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